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Having worked for the Ontario Public Service for 30 years, the last several in the role of hiring manager, I am confident my experience and knowledge will assist you in landing that position you're dreaming of. I have recently retired, and now I can focus on my passion, career coaching. I look forward to providing you with tools to succeed.

What Can We Do For You?

Allow me to guide you through resume writing skills, and prepare you for the interview. In today's OPS job market, competition is strong, so you'll want to place yourself in the lead for potential recruitment. Time will be spent FaceTiming or Skyping, and sending drafts back and forth, to make you the successful candidate. Interactions between you and I will result in you developing a knack for maneuvering your way through the recruitment process, as well as will help build your confidence.

Plans & Pricing

Start From Scratch

Ready to enter the workplace of one of Ontario's top employers? Excellent salary, benefits, and plenty of room to move lateral or up the ladder. This option allows you and I to go over your skills, experience and knowledge to create and submit an impressive resume and covering letter to the OPS. Interview portion to follow.


Moving Around

Already an OPSer? You and I will revamp your existing resume and covering letter to apply to specific OPS positions. Interview portion to follow.


Moving Up

Would you like to see your skills and experience being better utilized? Move up to a leadership role within your ministry. This option covers what you'll need to be prepared for, including submitting a strong resume and subsequent interview tips based on the OPS management competencies.


The Interview

Time will be spent via FaceTime or Skype to coach you in answering possible interview questions. Usually a short turnaround from the time of interview invitation, we will cover a broad area, and will include specific questions geared toward the role.


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